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It Takes Two

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It Takes Two

For the first time, global colour authority Pantone has announced two Colours of the Year, instead of the usual one. Lara Bailey explores the hues that are set to dominate the world of interior decorating in 2016.

Each December, the declaration of a ‘Colour of the Year’ by world-leading colour agency Pantone is met with anticipation from the fashion, retail, architectural and de?cor industries. Regarded as a significant indicator of what will be the hottest hue for the year ahead in homewares, makeup, clothing, paint and much more, the chosen colour is selected with much care and consideration.

The decision to select two Colours of the Year is a bold move for the company, which has announced one Colour of the Year annually since 2000. The baby blue and baby pink shades, named Serenity and Rose Quartz respectively, were chosen in accordance with consumers’ longing for peace, mindfulness and wellbeing, and represent a retreat from the bustle and pace of contemporary life, according to Pantone. The union of the soft and calming yet contrasting colours signifies this yearning, and the cool tranquillity of Serenity is said to be balanced by the warmer, soothing nature of Rose Quartz.

The Colour of the Year is always informed by societal goings-on (the bright yellow Mimosa was selected as the world began to emerge from the devastation of the Global Financial Crisis and represented cautious optimism, for example) and illustrates that colour selection is far from arbitrary; rather it is intrinsically linked with the state of world affairs. The 2016 unification of pink and blue – conventionally thought of as distinctly feminine and masculine colours – is reflective of the societal shift towards gender fluidity and equality. Rather than reinforce the cultural tradition that blue is for boys and pink is for girls, however, Pantone intends to challenge this notion and encourage the adoption of both colours, by everyone (meaning there may be an influx of baby pink men’s shirts in the coming months!).

Ultimately, the Colours of the Year will impact homewares in a big way, so if you like to move with the times and want to update your cushions, curtains or throws, embracing Serenity and Rose Quartz is the way to go in 2016.


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