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For this project Corella Construction was asked to revamp the existing home in order to provide it with all the modern-day trimmings necessary for comfortable living. By blending traditional Queenslander-style elements with contemporary finishes, Corella Construction was able to restore this home to its original beauty.

The reinstated design and inclusions have transformed this home to include more family-friendly and functional features. An extra level was added to provide the homeowners with extra space and offer gorgeous views of the city – although this was a considerable challenge for the company, it is one of the more notable, stand-out features of this renovation, and well worth the effort.

Detailed carpentry work was necessary in order to reinstate the exterior verandas and gables. As the property is perched on top of a hill, sash windows and wrap-around verandas provide welcome breezes during the warmer months.

Hardwood flooring and a beautiful timber staircase ensure the home’s interior retains the traditional Queenslander finishes. Modern, open-plan living areas provide the house with plenty of room to move, which is a necessity for this growing family.

The company has cleverly utilised the property’s advantageous north/south alignment, designing the home so that all living areas and outdoor spaces (including the pool) are north-facing, making the most out of the sunshine and light.

This has allowed a large, flat section of the roof to face north, helping to maximise the use of the solar panels and in turn rewarding the homeowners with smart energy-saving benefits. Further adding to its green-living properties are the rainwater tank, the heat pump hot water system, and the use of insulation throughout the home, making this house not only beautiful, but practical too.

Corella Construction is a family-owned company based in Queensland, which was started by Craig Brown in 2012. Brown has been in the industry for 20 years, and his experience includes working in London on celebrity homes such as Stella McCartney’s.

Corella Construction offers extensive experience in residential projects, and primarily specialises in the renovation of traditional and modern Queenslanders, extensions and new builds. Working on up to 15 homes annually, Corella Construction builds mainly in Brisbane’s inner city area and has a proven track record of success with clients.

The company can manage all your building needs from start to finish, ensuring that your vision is realised, no matter the size or budget of the project. Whether you are looking for a new home, extensive renovation or simply require repairs to your existing home, the team at Corella Construction will meet with you, provide a quote, and build and complete the project on time and on budget.