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  • Address: 7/43 Lang Parade, Milton Village
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H4 Living offers turnkey custom design and building solutions for new homes, as well as major renovations.

The company is heavily invested in the building science research of passive homes, and it has created a holistic design approach and building system that offers sustainable design principles, conserves energy, and is healthier and safer, regardless of location and budget.

Originating in Germany, PassivHaus is a standard that achieves high thermal comfort and excellent indoor air quality with minimal energy consumption, which has gained popularity around the world and exceeds all local building codes. The company’s designers confirm that it is now possible to build a home that is much more comfortable to live in, offers even temperatures, controls relative humidity, costs less to run, and has better indoor air quality year-round.


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H4 Living, by Builtex Homes has been building exceptional homes in south-east Queensland since 1997.

With a solid reputation based on quality workmanship and a professional approach, the company is at the forefront of premium liveability and technological innovations.

Incorporating the latest in green building technologies, H4 Living is able to provide clients high-performance homes designed with four key elements: safety, low-energy costs, healthier living, and eco-friendliness. This offers homeowners a number of structural, lifestyle and ecological benefits.

H4 Living sits in between architects and project builders, and offers prospective clients two options. The first is architectural custom-design innovation with all the H4 Living high-performance benefits, at a fraction of the price (compared to architects). The second is a pre-designed but highly flexible option to achieve solar passive and inspirational low-energy thermal efficient designs (compared to project builders).

What can you expect from a H4 Living high-performance home? A beautiful home designed and built using superior architectural and building practices, with a guaranteed and measurable level of energy-efficiency, sustainability and thermal comfort performance appropriate for its climate zone that is healthy for its occupants, and better for the environment than the average home.

Offering a full 3D design service, each H4 Living home can be customised to suit your unique lifestyle and is adaptable to ever-changing household needs, and best of all it can be built to any budget.

The company’s close partnership with industry leading suppliers ensures your home is equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art appliances and fittings. With a number of expert consultants on-hand to help guide you through the design and construction process, H4 Living will ensure you are getting the best performance out of your home. Feel the difference, visit its display homes.