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A Breath of Fresh Air

Aug 20, 2020 | Industry News

Schweigen’s silent home ventilation solutions include rangehoods for indoor and outdoor kitchen use, plus multi-purpose exhaust fans for all other areas of the house. Nowadays, a common way of making a home more energy efficient is by sealing it up, but this has the unfortunate consequence of restricting airflow. Schweigen’s ventilation solutions silently and efficiently eliminate stale air, odours and fumes from your home. Whether it’s eliminating steam and humidity from bathrooms to prevent mould, or alleviating smoke and airborne oil particles in the kitchen, Schweigen offers a versatile and effective solution. Available in an array of styles and finishes, these products are designed to be installed on the roof, wall or eave and are suitable for almost any room in your unit, apartment or house. For more information visit Schweigen’s website or call 1300 881 693.