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A Seasonal Change

Apr 27, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 14

With a chill in the air and the long nights settling in, there’s no better time to up the cosiness factor in your home! Dulux is proud to introduce its new carefully curated collection of paints, which is perfect for creating a cocooning and nurturing space in autumn 2018 and beyond.

Exuding warmth and sophistication, Dulux’s Kinship Palette comprises rich autumnal shades such as terracotta, russet and grey-green, as well as vibrant reds that hint at an Eastern influence. Inspired by traditional cultures and folklore, the collection pairs beautifully with popular natural materials such as timber, stone and linen.

“This colour palette is easy to work with, and allows you to add character [to your home] with minimal fuss,” says Dulux colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr. “Paint is such an easy and affordable way to keep your interiors up to date, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone colour-wise can be incredibly fun and rewarding.”

Whether you choose to go all out with these earthy shades or just add a few touches here and there, Lucena-Orr recommends pairing them with a complementary white or neutral hue, which will create a sense of balance. For more information on Dulux’s Kinship Palette, or to mix and match swatches with your furniture and homewares, visit the company website. Photography by Mike Baker, styling by Bree Leech.