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Admired Flooring

Admired Flooring’s primary objective is to deliver a superior luxury vinyl loose lay product that surpasses the expectations of all its clients. The Admired Flooring range offers you that latest technology to produce a better alternative to traditional solid wood flooring at an attainable price.

Unlike many vinyl plank flooring systems on the market which are made from recycled materials that may be derived from uncontrolled quality previous waste sources, the use of uncontrolled recycled vinyl can adversely affect the stability, performance and health safety.

Admired Flooring is made from virgin original materials, ensures optimal stability and performance. Using controlled virgin materials, also ensures the purity of bio-based non-phthalate plasticisers to maintain health safety and potential for future recyclability.

Admired Flooring is designed with an anti-shrinkage compound and is made from virgin original materials that both help to reduce the contraction that is experienced with other vinyl flooring products.

The extra heavy duty fibre-reinforced layer in the Admired Flooring along with the fact of being made from virgin original materials help reduce expansion that is experienced with other vinyl flooring products.

Installation in accordance with Australian Standard AS1884.2012 still applies to achieve maximum performance and durability of the flooring.



Admired Flooring

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