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Behind The Seams

Oct 19, 2018 | Industry News

Through a simple series of cuts, folds and joins, the Seam collection is materialised with elegant and precise form. Created by Australian designer Adam Cornish for Tait, Seam was conceived with a design process that can be likened to tailoring a piece of fabric into a form-fitting garment. “Although fabric and sheet metal seem worlds apart, the tailoring process used to construct shapes is surprisingly similar,” says Cornish.

The Seam chair’s shell is formed and folded from a single piece of flat sheet aluminium, the ends of which meet along the spine. Featuring moulded contours, the Seam collection is perfectly pressed, which offers increased levels of comfort and functionality. The pieces are characterised by a rich and earthy colour palette that was inspired by Australian coastlines, terrains and flora – hues include ‘Deep Ocean’, ‘Paperbark’, ‘Ochre’, ‘Pale Eucalypt’ and ‘Woodland Grey’. With a restrained, modernist aesthetic underpinning the design, Seam will harmoniously blend into almost any interior or exterior space.

The result is a unified furniture series that is characterised by clean lines, fluid contours and refined detailing, which are contrasted by an inherently robust and hardwearing construction tactility. Comprising six typologies, the Seam collection includes dining chairs, stacking chairs, bar stools, dining tables, café tables, and bar tables. Spanning commercial and residential applications, the pieces are designed for outdoor use, but are equally at home indoors.

Finished in a durable, UV-stable, textured powder coat, Seam’s surfaces take on a soft, tactile and refined quality. The pieces utilise stainless steel and aluminium, which were selected for their longevity in the harsh Australian environment, as well as their ability to be 100 per cent recycled. Specially crafted, modified timbers with an advanced coating system were selected for Seam’s timber-leg option, which offers exceptional dimensional stability, UV protection, wind and water resistance, as well as protection against stains.

The Seam collection demonstrates environmental conscience in its longevity, minimal use of resources, and replaceable componentry, as well as its recyclable and sustainable material choices. Designed with the concept of ‘buy once, buy well’ in mind, Seam’s timeless design will remain relevant for years to come.

Seam is now available for specification and purchase from Tait’s showrooms, online store, and stockists.