Colonial Building Company

Since its establishment in 1994, Colonial Building Company has been building homes that successfully recreate the style and grace of yesteryear, with the technology and comforts of today.

Whether custom-built or selected from the company’s large range of Queenslander and colonial-style house plans, you can easily find a home design that is suitable for today’s climate, budget and lifestyle.

Colonial Building Company’s Queenslanders and colonial homes encapsulate an era that has long been forgotten by modern architecture. Specialising in designing and building individual homes that are tailored to each client’s budget and lifestyle requirements, Colonial Building Company makes your dream home a reality.

Traditional homes are distinctive in design and perfect for the Queensland climate. By incorporating shady verandas and authentic rooflines, Colonial Building Company effortlessly recreates the colonial style with modern touches.

The company has a range of homes specifically suited to small lots. Ideal for lots with 7m–10m frontages in the inner-city, the homes incorporate all the major features of Queenslanders, with polished timber floors, high ceilings, cedar French doors and double-hung windows, along with many other features that are in keeping with traditional
Queenslander designs.

Development applications are applicable on many inner-city small lots, which Colonial Building Company specialises in obtaining on behalf of clients.

Whether you have a small lot in the city or a sprawling regional property, Colonial Building Company can work with you to create the perfect home for your land and your lifestyle.

Colonial Building Company’s homes are built either elevated off the ground – ideal for sloping blocks – or slabon-ground style, depending on each client’s requirements for inner city and large acreage sites.

If you already have a drafted plan, Colonial Building Company can quote this for you, based upon the colonial inclusions. The company builds in the major areas of South East Queensland, northern New South Wales and surrounding areas, and has an extensive portfolio of colonial and Queenslander home designs.

Colonial Building Company demands a high standard of finish from all its tradespeople and suppliers, and constructs to a benchmark that many other builders would find formidable. Included in Colonial Building Company’s services is a free colour consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable consultant who is conversant in all facets of design. This assists clients in turning their house into a home.

Call Colonial Building Company today for a free estimate on your future home.