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D Pearce Constructions

Company director Duayne Pearce was a carpenter for seven years before he started D Pearce Constructions in 2008. Since its establishment, the building and construction business has cultivated a reputation for excellence in new builds and high-end residential renovations and extensions, and has completed more than 60 projects throughout Greater Brisbane, with a core focus on quality over quantity. Pearce leads a knowledgeable team of building specialists, carpenters and sub-contractors, and has developed strong working relationships with a range of trusted suppliers. The team use only the highest-quality products and materials, and bring unrivalled attention to detail and refined craftsmanship to every build. Taking pride in its professional and organised approach to projects, D Pearce Constructions consistently exceeds clients’ expectations.

Building should be an enjoyable process and D Pearce Constructions is passionate about creating positive experiences for builders and clients. The company regularly facilitates seminars and information sessions for the trade and consumer sectors, while the team frequently attends industry trade shows and conferences. This ensures team members are up to date with industry standards, rules and regulations, and helps them to stay ahead of the curve on new products and technologies. D Pearce Constructions uses traditional and modern technologies when building your home to ensure it is durable, sustainable and highly liveable. The company has worked on a wide range of architectural styles, from contemporary projects with difficult cantilevers and extensive steelwork, to eco-friendly, minimalist homes with natural and recycled materials. Whether the project is large or small, D Pearce Constructions always strives for the perfect balance between comfort and style.

D Pearce Constructions has received numerous awards and accolades in recognition of its impressive body of work, including six prestigious Master Builders Housing & Construction awards. In 2014, the company won Best Individual Home $251,000–$550,000 and Best Individual Home $1.5 million–$2 million. D Pearce Constructions is proud to lead the industry in innovative building and quality craftsmanship. From concept to completion, D Pearce Constructions has the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to undertake any project, regardless of style or complexity. The dedicated team will listen to your requirements and assist in your decision making to ensure your home is delivered on time and within budget. If you want a stunning contemporary home that unites luxury, practicality and high-quality craftsmanship, D Pearce Constructions will help you achieve your dream.