Electronic Living

This large Brisbane home comes complete with state-of-the-art electronic living technology that is specifically integrated into every aspect of the modern residence. The home’s cinema room is laden with quality audio and video distribution throughout, and a remotely-accessible CCTV system can be viewed from the homeowners’ mobile phones. Automated lighting and shades can also be controlled at the press of a button, and a centralised equipment rack ensures all equipment is kept in one location.

Electronic Living integrated seamless and easy-to-use smart systems around the modern home, including audio and visual technology, high-quality security and surveillance systems, lighting control, connectivity, and much more.

The home’s cinema room – which provides outstanding views of the Brisbane river and city skyline, via its floor-to- ceiling windows – was comprehensively-designed to consider a myriad of performance factors. The room’s micro- perforated screen surface, speakers, seating position and placement of acoustic treatments all come together to enhance its audio intelligibility and overall performance. The finished space offers premium entertainment and high- quality acoustics to ensure perfect audio and stunning visual clarity is delivered every time.

The home is also highly secure and includes monitoring of all movements via high-definition surveillance cameras. The cameras are motion recorded and can easily be accessed by all computers, televisions and ios devices within the home, which ensures the safety of all residents. The homeowners also have full access to all of the home’s functions via the savant user interface, which allows them to utilise the technology from any off-site location.

After a comprehensive brief and a thorough demonstration of the technology that electronic living can offer, the homeowners quickly understood the difference it could make to their lifestyle. impressed with what they saw, they asked the company to create a similar calibre and bring that same experience to life in their own home. The brief requested access to all electronic systems from the homeowners’ mobile devices, as the technology needed to be easy-to-use for both themselves and their guests.

Electronic Living perfectly met the brief by specifying equipment and custom-programming the system to suit the home. The company has remarkable resources and a fantastic skill set to ensure the needs of its clients are always met when considering technology options for modern homes.

Electronic Living ensured energy management was considered at every stage of the integration process, so a Clipsal C-Bus system was installed to easily control all lighting within the home. Wall-mounted iPads also allow the homeowners to automate pre-set scheduled events, including the control of ‘welcome home’ and ‘goodbye’ scenes, which create the perfect environment by turning selected room lights, air- conditioning and music on or off. Thermostat-controlled mechanical ventilation also ensures all equipment remains at regulated operating temperatures, which greatly improves the longevity and reliability of all of the technology systems.

The finished result is a home that is not only energy-efficient, but also secure, remarkably intelligent, and offers countless entertainment options for the entire family to enjoy. The complete discretion of the technology’s hardware and the sheer simplicity of the entire operation make this project one that electronic living is truly proud of.
electronic living specialises in planning, designing, installing and maintaining automated systems to complement your modern lifestyle. From the initial consultation, all the way through to installation, you will be impressed by the multi award-winning team’s expert advice and experience.