Jaam Projects

With a magnificent entrance that reflects its luxurious interior, this contemporary home beautifully frames the mountains and rainforest that surround the site. Dubbed Samford House, the project was the result of a collaboration between the client, the architect (Tim Stewart Architects), and JAAM Projects; the company that constructed the house and worked closely with the owner and architect regarding design solutions.

The home achieves effective modern appeal through its use of locally sourced materials and architectural elements, and exudes a sumptuous aesthetic while remaining environmentally friendly. Boasting tinted windows, insulated walls, 5kw solar panels, and LED lights in every room, as well as natural lighting and cross-ventilation in living areas, its eco-friendly features are just one part of the large-scale renovation that has significantly improved the property.

Working from a brief to reconnect the house’s street presence through design and renovation, the design and construction team put considerable effort into ensuring the home’s frontage matched the beauty of the renovated interior.

By rescaling the frontage with double-height ceilings and introducing contemporary fac?ade features, including square set windows, matrix panelling, outdoor lighting, stonework and timber, the home’s exterior is now befitting of the much-improved home within.

As the original house was a duplex, the refurbishment provided the homeowners the opportunity to remove the two kitchens and laundries and to rebuild and reconnect the property with one larger kitchen and laundry. Functional spatial planning of the bedrooms ensures they are spacious and light-filled.

Construction of the large, open living space required careful thought and clever engineering, and the need to ensure the old part of the house matched well with the renovated space posed logistical challenges for the JAAM Projects team. With commitment and dedication, however, these difficulties were overcome and the project was executed to perfection.

The renovated house spans an enormous 450m2, plus a 50m2 deck, making Samford House palatial not just in its dominant aesthetic, but in its size, too.

JAAM Projects specialises in architecturally designed residential new-builds and renovations. Established by James Stay, who has been in the Queensland building industry for more than 20 years, the company has established itself as a quality builder of large-scale luxury properties.

Constructing approximately ten homes per year and working throughout Brisbane, JAAM Projects can bring your dream home or much-needed renovation to life.