Kaha Homes

Kaha Homes is a multi-award-winning building company committed to creating unique and environmentally sustainable homes for discerning Queenslanders.

The company values attention to detail, quality, integrity and sustainability, which is evident in each project it undertakes. These values also extend to Kaha Homes’ personal design and construction service, which ensures creative and quality control is retained throughout the building and design process.

Kaha Homes boldly and creatively mixes design, materials and colours to produce striking homes that really make a statement about its clients; reflecting their lifestyle and family. Specialising in sloping and difficult sites, Kaha Homes will also help determine the best building products for your site, your lifestyle and your budget, and design a home to meet your criteria.

As an accredited GreenSmart Professional, Kaha Homes encourages the use of natural and renewable products, and does not use materials imported from environmentally-sensitive areas where native wildlife is under threat. Each home is designed to maximise the natural attributes of the surrounding landscape, reducing your environmental impact and levels of energy consumption.

To achieve this, Kaha Homes relies on building methods such as optimising the orientation of the home, clever use of breezeways, well-thought-out window placement and careful material considerations to achieve excellent energy-efficiency.

Kaha Homes also assists clients with the selection, care and maintenance of sustainable materials and appliances such as water-saving devices, solar heating and energy-efficient lighting.

Kaha Home’s unique five stage design process, which is separate to the construction process, means you can work with the company to design your dream home and have the flexibility to build it at a time of your convenience. The separation of design and construction means that you can use Kaha Homes to design a home without being locked into a construction contract at the same time, providing you flexibility and peace of mind should your circumstances change.

Whether it’s your first home or your ultimate dream home, Kaha Homes can build it for you. The company can either design your home for you, or build your home from your existing design.

Kaha Homes will work closely with you throughout the design and construction process to discuss your needs and ensure your home will suit your lifestyle requirements for many years to come. If you’re looking for something different for your next home, then Kaha Homes is the builder for you.