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Jeff Osman
Greg Read

30 years of the Building Designers’ Association of Queensland

2020 marks an important milestone for BDAQ as the association will celebrate 30 years of promoting and protecting building designers in Queensland. What started in 1990 to recognise and protect the role of building designers within the building industry has grown into a well-respected industry association that continues to ensure its members are educated, showcased, and supported.

Created in 1992 to display the talents of Queensland’s building designers, the BDAQ State Design Awards is the most prestigious event on the BDAQ calendar. The ‘father’ of the awards and the MC of its first production, life member Jeff Osman, created a feeling of pride, enrichment and empowerment for all members. This intense feeling of engagement was shared, not only by the winners, but by other entrants, members, industry groups and guests of the association. Generating unity, camaraderie and a spirit of belonging, the Design Awards bind the association together to this very day. All those who have participated over these many years in whatever capacity are to be congratulated for their contribution to the longevity of these awards and to the longevity of the BDAQ.