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Robert Grace interior window furnishings

Robert Grace

Robert Grace is passionate about creating interest in a room using windows as your canvas. With a design philosophy that dictates to always create a ‘WOW’ factor in every project, the company constantly pushes the boundaries to build a strong link between innovation, creativity and quality in all of its window furnishings. The company is passionate about living symmetry, while all designs are fresh, exciting, innovative and inspiring. Various fabrics can be used for dual privacy blinds, which allow light through the day and privacy at night. The latest trends in designs and fabrics are sourced throughout the world, including the new zebra and triple-shade, which are then supplied to leading manufacturers in Australia for an outstanding quality. Create the ultimate finishing touch to your interior space by investing in window furnishings from Robert Grace.


Robert Grace

Mobile: 0400 381 122
Email: sales@robertgrace.com.au
Website: www.robertgrace.com.au

Robert Grace Designs