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Porter's Paints Smooth Impasto New Range

Smooth Operator

Nov 4, 2019 | Industry News

Porter Paints is celebrating the launch of its velvety paint range, Smooth Impasto. Comprising 44 rich and uniquely textured colours with a matte finish, the collection is suited to a wide range of interiors.
Porter’s Paints colour expert, Melanie Stevenson, says the quality, depth of colour
and finish of Smooth Impasto is unparalleled. “The properties of the Smooth Impasto paint affords the range its signature pigment intensity, a tactile softness and ultra-matte finish,” she says. “The focus is also on the range’s application, which is characterised by its lack of uniformity, a distinct layering of colour with subtle but visual brush marks that is both beautifully textured and undeniably original.”
“Australians’ confidence with colour is growing, and with this the drive to create spaces that reflect our individuality and personal expression,” Stevenson adds. “Smooth Impasto creates a sense of depth and gives walls a unique natural character, which…creates a beautiful background for statement artwork, furniture or decorative accessories.”
From rich ‘Grenache’ to ‘Verdant’ green, there is a colour to suit any interior scheme. “Warm terracotta and burnished reds such as ‘Dolce Vita’ and ‘Santa Cruz’ pair beautifully with natural materials, particularly warm timbers, stone and linens,” Stevenson says. While “Smoky, cool and muted blue-greys such as ‘Anchorage’, ‘Duck Egg’ and ‘Vintage Blue’…complement black and metallic furniture and accessories with minimalist lines.”
For more information on the Smooth Impasto collection or any of Porter Paints’ paint range, simply find your nearest stockist online.

Porter's Paints Smooth Impasto New Range
Porter's Paints Smooth Impasto New Range