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Crafted in close collaboration with the clients, this exclusive project required careful consideration when sourcing materials in order to create an aesthetic that was complementary to the overarching home design.

For instance, the main floor tiles were selected to emulate the appearance of black slate. Despite their aesthetic similarity, the convincing substitute tile’s synthetic formulation requires far less upkeep than its natural counterpart, which makes it ideal for the indoor/outdoor living areas of the residence, and ensures the home always appears well maintained without excessive effort.

The stunning pool area is optimised for effortless outdoor living and entertaining. The design appears incredibly refined, and the porcelain tiles around the pool provide a non-slip surface that is crucial for safety in an aquatic environment.

The interior spaces feature unique design elements to achieve distinct yet complementary styles. This is exemplified in the two bathrooms, which are united with a navy and white colour palette and timber materials, but utilise different accents.

Each bathroom incorporates a distinct feature wall. The main bathroom has a particularly unique structure, showcasing a speckled grey and white terrazzo wall that gently curves to frame the freestanding bathtub. The secondary bathroom is equally spectacular, with the integration of delicately shaded mosaics in calming blue tones ensuring a visually striking yet relaxing environment.

These unique features are crucial to the dynamic nature of the residence. Not only are they points of interest, but they instil an overarching sense of unity. The harmonious colour palettes and finishes remain consistent and thereby create cohesion throughout the interior and exterior spaces.

The project has ultimately produced a residence that provides a wonderfully optimised easy living environment, with finishes that will stand the test of time.

Proudly family-owned, Urban Tile Company has forged a reputation for procuring remarkable, cutting-edge products that are sourced from leading manufacturers in Italy, China and Malaysia. The company particularly prides itself on its range of truly exquisite Italian tiles, some of which are exclusively available at Urban Tile Company.

Urban Tile Company’s showroom is a testament to the creativity of the team behind the business, and the unique collections stocked within demonstrate their genuine passion for sourcing exceptional products.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Urban Tile Company prioritises exceptional customer service. When working with clients, the team strives to provide a customised experience to suit the needs of the individual, and takes a careful approach with tile selection to ensure briefs are always met with unparalleled results. Urban Tile Company prides itself on helping clients find the perfect product for their project no matter the size or budget.




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